December 2018   
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Welcome to the dedicated men and women who have been called by the Lord to lead this ministry. We are blessed to have a Spiritual Head in the person of Bishop Michael C. Turner. Sr, of the Miracle Center of Faith Missionary Baptist Church of Capitol Heights, Maryland, USA. Bishop Turner has served as a pastor and bishop for over 40 years. Along with his experience and call to ministry, CVM has a devoted team of Pastors, Ministers, Lay Men and Women who dedicate their lives daily, to the advancement of the Kingdom of God, here on earth. Please contact us for more information on the men and women on our staff. We will be glad to furnish you with the best information, with the hope that the anointing of God upon our lives and our years in ministry, will be attractive tools for you to visit and fellowship with us. You are always welcome! In Jesus's name!

Spiritual Advisor

Bishop Michael C. Turner, Sr

  Send Email  •  (301)529-0551


Pastor Moses Z. Makor

  Send Email  •  (508)873-5711

Staff Pastor

Reverend Robert Massey

  Send Email  •  (774)696-8554

Staff Pastor

Reverend James P. Kandakai

  Send Email  •  (774)225-1908

Member- Board of Trustees

Minister Abraham L. Gray

  Send Email  •  (508)615-6096

Minister of Music

Sianeh K. Barclays

  Send Email  •  (508)615-7924

Minister/Children's Ministry

Evelyn W. Makor

  Send Email  •  (508)736-1696

Co-Chair of the Children's Ministry

Lovo D. Koliego

  Send Email  •  (774)253-0534

Lead /Usher Ministry

Tawah Woods

  Send Email  •  (774)242-1482

Women Ministry Coordinator

Stephanie Adaramola

  Send Email  •  (774)420-7610

Men Ministry Coordinator

Prince Woods

  Send Email  •  (508)579-1040

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Francia Manneh

  Send Email  •  (774)253-5896

Chairman, Board of Trustees

Thomas Nyenswah

  Send Email  •  (508)840-2425

Church Secretary

Carole Komguep

  Send Email  •  (508)371-7414

Church Administrator / Treasurer

Sam Barclays

  Send Email  •  (508)353-7622

Assistant Administrator

Momo Johnson

Financial Secretary

Willietta Sims

  Send Email  •  (774)242-1801

Facilities Manager

Jacob Gbowu

  Send Email  •  (508)410-5244